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Francois Sagat - Photography 20x30"

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Josef Jasso - Josef Jasso zaps the zeitgeist with fiercely glamorous portraits of pop culture divas and demigods. Carmen Electra, Rose McGowan, Jeffree Star, Dita Von Teese – are all seared into our collective unconscious by Jasso’s luminous photography. He caresses his models with bold strokes of phosphorescent color. He anoints them with sultry lighting, brilliant styling, and exhilarating compositions. We are seduced to fall in love with his sensuous images. Woven into Jasso’s work is a mastery of visual and conceptual reinventions and reinforcements of his models’ branding and ever-evolving public personas. Voluptuous Amanda Lepore has never been shot as evocatively as when caressed by Jasso’s knowing, adoring lens. His photographs visually arrest us. His pictures make us stop, feel and deeply connect us with those who are lucky enough to pose for him. Jasso portraiture is visionary.

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