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Introducing our brand new 6-Day Detox Juice Cleanse Program! This program is designed to support your body’s natural detoxification process by providing a carefully curated routine. It includes a variety of cleansing, nutrient-dense juices, nourishing meal recipes, and a mindset program that encourages you to pause and reset. Although the plan is designed for 6 days, its purpose is to help you establish transformative daily habits!

The 6-Day Detox Juice Cleanse program features:

(6) 12oz Celery Juices
(6) 12oz Mighty Dozen Green Juices
(20) 2oz Detox Shots (8 for post-cleanse!)
Daily Recipes & Grocery List
Daily Mindfulness Exercises
Groceries NOT included

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Suja’s NEW Probiotic Shot helps overcome sluggish digestion with a blend of 2B CFU probiotics and 1g prebiotic fiber to leave you with a happy and healthy gut! With 3 multi-functional probiotic strains, it is crafted delightfully with sweet watermelon & raspberry for a refreshing taste.

  • 2B CFU’s of Probiotics to support digestion
  • Multi-Strain Functionality from 3 Probiotic Strains
  • 1g of Prebiotic Fiber from Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin
  • Lemon & Aloe to Refresh Your System!
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Say Hello To Your New Daily, Healthy Habit

This Daily Ritual variety pack features a mix of immunity, digestion, and energy shots – the perfect functional trio to keep your daily wellness routine on track!

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