Please fill out the form below with all of your known guest names for your AGSW 2024 Downhill Costume Contest seats.

  • Patron pass purchasers, please enter seating requests in the ‘Seating Requests’ section of the form. This will help us place you at or near your requested friends who have also purchased a Patron pass. Do not put seating request names in the first and last name fields.
  • If you have multiple seats purchased, please fill out as many first and last names that you know.
  • If you do not have the complete list of names for your purchase, please input your first and last name with sequence number behind your last name. For example: Sam Smith1, Sam Smith2, Sam Smith3.
  • If you have purchased more than 6 seats or 1 table (6 seats), please submit the form and refresh the page to enter your additional seat names.
  • If you do not know your complete guest list before Thursday, January 18th, 2024, please inform your guests to use your first and last name at the entrance of the Downhill Seating.
  • Seating will start at 11:30AM and you should be in your seats by 12 noon on Friday, Jan 19th.
  • If you would like to be placed next to a friend or another table, please inform us in the seating request section. We will make every attempt to place folks as close as possible.

Please note, we will make every attempt to fulfill your request for seating next to another table, however we cannot guarantee

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Downhill Official After Party – AspenX

AspenX presents the official After Party at the Gondola Plaza. Join AspenOUT and AGSW as we celebrate another fabulous year of raising funds for the LGBTQ+ Community with an official After Party at the AspenX location just below the Downhill Costume Contest.

Limited special edition AspenX hats in partnership with AGSW and AspenOUT will be available for purchase. 100% of profits will be donated back to AspenOUT to help support mental health inititatives in the RFV.

Best LGBTQ+ Ski Week in the World

48 Years and counting, our diverse tradition expands yearly to learn, grow, celebrate pride and give back to our colorful community.

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(323) 553-0258


PO Box 3143, Aspen, CO 81612